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Thyroid Care
Thyroid Care:

At AED, Specialized thyroid care is designed for patients with hyper or hypothyroidism. Thyroidism can affect any person, young, middle-aged and older including infants. Thyroid gland is a butterfly shaped gland located in the neck region, which produce hormones. These hormones control the rate of many activities in the body. Periodic check ups with family history of thyroid disorders or people having thyroid disorders should undergo periodic blood tests that help in managing and identifying whether the thyroid glands hormone production is normal, overactive or underactive. Consulting an Endocrinologist and total thyroid care and workup helps in proper diagnosing and treatment. At AED, we offer complete thyroid care and diagnose any kind of thyroid disorder with our specialized thyroid profile that includes: Vitals: Height, Weight, blood pressure and BMI TFT: T3, T4, TSH FTFT: FT3, FT4. Antibodies: Anti Tg and Anti TPO antibodies. USG - Thyroid Scan. Lipid Profile. Serum Calcium. CBP