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AED Hospital has helped many people who were overweight and having health issues that accompany obesity such as diabetes and PCOD. Many of our patients found hope for a longer, healthier, and slimmer life. A trusted Hospital in weight management medicine, AED offers highly effective, surgical and non-surgical techniques. Our specialists create personalized plans with reasonable and attainable lifestyle goals with our weight loss programs. . Our effective and Tailor-fit programs are based on proven scientific research and medical knowledge with no adverse side effects. We first study the patient's environmental, genetic and biological mechanisms that could be responsible for his/her weight gain and regain. After studying and planning the best suitable for the individual, we then prescribe weight loss programs to each patient’s specific needs and situation. The key of our weight loss program success is we understan the exact causes of an individual’s weight gain, and input or tailor a program that may or may not include medication and complete lifestyle changes. In fact, many of our patients are now happy with complete improvement and reversal of many medical conditions as they lose weight. Sedentary lifestyle, over weight or obesity increases risk of developing heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, fertility issues and PCOD. Hence a proper approach and treatment by and endocrinologist can be greatly helpful and even cure with our safe and effective weight loss programs.